Alec Satin

About the author: An American, I first became a Christian more than 3 decades ago while a teenager in New Zealand. After years of selfishness, wrong turns, and stupidity somehow my faith returned. If God can forgive me, he can forgive you.

How America became a nation of libtards and right-wingers

Libtards and Right-Wingers

Two recent American movements could have changed the direction of our country. Before the media had time to react, people from everywhere were coming together and ignoring the barbed-wire no-man’s-land separating Americans from each other. [...]

What’s a real life church?

Bring back real church

My best friend in college was a Christian widow named Anita. Though she’d lived near DC for more than 40 years, her West Virginia speech was as friendly and drawn-out as it ever had been. "Down home we always went to the little Christian Church, [...]

Rise Again, Ye Lion-Hearted!

The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer

This is the closest recording I could find to *The Lutheran Hymnal* 470. It was written in 1712 and translated by Martin Franzmann for the 1941 TLH.

VHS Friday – Gold through the fire

Gold through the fire 1987

This film from 1987 is quite interesting to watch in light of the rapidly anti-Christian sentiment gathering speed in the US. The story revolves around a Russian teenager whose parents are arrested for clandestinely printing Bibles. He is placed in a Soviet orphanage for the children of political enemies of the State. Piotr escapes on […] Read More

Trevor Hammack – Deleted

Trevor Hammack Deleted

It’s not so difficult to erase a man these days. Not only was Trevor Hammack’s full body of work scrubbed from the internet, he left his ministry, abandoned his social media accounts, and gave no explanation. There’s a mystery here, that [...]

The lovely side of life

Richard Teel Singing Bus Driver

The video at the top of this post features Mr. Richard Teel, a NYC bus driver and genuine hero, though perhaps forgotten by most. Hope he inspires you as he has this auth