Alec Satin

About the author: I first became a Christian 3 decades ago while a teenager in New Zealand. After years of selfishness, wrong turns, and stupidity somehow my faith returned. If God can forgive me, he can forgive you.

10 hours of walking in Paris as a Jewish person

Dave Emory often writes about a hidden Fourth Reich fascism seeding hatred of Jewish people through all parts of society.  It's easy to shrug this off.  But as I listen closely to people in the progressive and liberal camps, it's not hard to hear the anti-Jewish rhetoric getting more pointed. No distinction is made between […] Read More

Why I stopped reading tarot cards

Matt writes, “Alec, could you tell me why you took down your tarot site?” You may have found this post by looking for one of the popular tarot articles. Or you may be a long-time friend who’s curious as to what happened to What follows is as clear and honest an explanation as I […] Read More


Quality doesn't shout.  It whispers to those who care to listen […] Read More

All free people insist upon privacy

In the clip above from the movie Colossus: The Forbin project, Forbin is being placed under constant electronic surveillance.  To the 1970 audience, this invasion of personal privacy was shocking and horrific.  In less than 50 years it's become your ho-hum reality.  You probably don't even think about it, do you?  Please tell me, if […] Read More

“My Research and Testimony Will Withstand Time. Will Yours?”

The following appeared on Memory Hole Blog: On May 8 MHB carried news of Pacifica Network station KPFA’s decision to censor an interview of alternative health advocate, broadcaster, and independent media producer Gary Null conducted by Bonnie Faulkner and scheduled to air on May 6. The discussion centered on the vaccines and California’s SB277 legislation […] Read More

Why hate the Jews?

Why do so many disparate groups in cultures and times with nothing else in common stand united in their hatred of Jews? Michael Brown interviews people on the streets of Soho and Times Square in New York and provides one explanation for antisemitism.  There's certainly more that could be said, but this strikes at a […] Read More

Speaking the truth has become the ultimate crime

I’ve realized again just how vulnerable we all are. Posting information that is true can land you in terrible straits. You may fall below the radar for a while. But at any time, all that you’ve written and said, all that anyone has posted about you online, will be examined, catalogued, and used against you. […] Read More

Letter to my dying aunt

My dear Sandy, Today when I visited you in the hospital, it took all my courage to say, You need to ask God to help you. But I didn’t go far enough. What I wanted to say is written in this letter. Please have one of the nurses read it to you. If at all […] Read More