Alec Satin

About the author: An American, I first became a Christian more than 3 decades ago while a teenager in New Zealand. After years of selfishness, wrong turns, and bad choices somehow my faith returned. God keeps forgiving me. He can forgive you, too.

A real life near-death hell experience

near death experience hell

Do you believe in hell? This medical doctor had no interest in such things until a serious illness plunged him into the experience he relates in the video [...]

The 16 secret keys to wisdom and understanding

the narrow way

The following 16 truths underscore everything you’ll find on this blog. Read them slowly. Let them sink in. If you really want to understand why the world is so messed up and what you can do about it, these keys can help you find the way.[...]

Good cheer! Soldiers of Christ Arise

Lutheran Hymnal 450

Soldiers of Christ Arise is a wonderful hymn written by Charles Wesley and based on Ephesians 6.10-18. It is found in the Lutheran Hymnal as number 450 [...]

Why Marc Little is weeping

Marc Little Weeps

Mark Little’s is a thoughtful and educated voice you’d do well to consider. His blog is especially important for those who don’t consider themselves conservatives. Please read the post, and let me know where you think he errs [...]

At home in Mitford – is a delight

Jan Karon At Home in Mitford

It’s rare to find a modern book which presents real Christianity in a sympathetic way. It’s not “Christian fiction” but rather a story with believable characters who know how to live. [...]

Good comfort! Abide with me

Abide with me

*Abide with me* is a great Anglican hymn written in 1847 by Henry F. Lyte. It is a comfort not only to sailors and those left at home, but to all those who - touched by the trials and difficulties common to this life - reach out to the One who has promised never to leave nor forsake His own. [...]