A new page has been published on While it's yet day: You can think of this site as a collection of pinhole lights. The details matter. But awareness of the big picture is what will help you most of all. That is the point of this project. We’re all at different places in our understanding. [...]

A t the original Tower of Babel human language and society were cursed. Cunning leaders sought “to make a name” (Gen 11.4) by uniting the world as one. Their descendants today consciously deny the will and authority of God in separating the nations. They want nothing less than their children at the helm of the [...]

Y ou may have noticed that this is the first post since Sunday. Here's why. It's said that happy marriages go through regular changes. Now a blog is not a marriage. But it does have a personality. And just as with spouses, things are communicated "between the lines". W hen I started writing While it's [...]

M atthias Niessner at Stanford shows how a cheap webcam and software can be used to create fake videos of any well-known celebrity or political figure. "In simple English: famous "talking heads" speaking, chatting, interacting on TV can be practically anyone masquerading as said celebrity, and due to the real time conversion, they can talk, [...]

M aria posted a short video by Paul Flynn (link below). On one level Paul's got the facts right - Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are fully behind the "Progressive" program. But is this a simple Republican-Democrat issue? Isn't what Paul discusses just the logical consequence of human resources thinking? Have you ever thought about [...]

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