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W hat does it mean when someone tells you they are a Christian? Just about anything. The word Christian has been stretched and redefined so many times that about the only message it conveys is that a person has some kind of belief about Jesus Christ. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there [...]

A Christian pastor said, "I've never liked Paul. What are his epistles? They are just letters to people. We only have the one side of them, so we have to guess what he's talking about anyway." If he believes what he's saying, this man just placed himself above the Scriptures, teaching something seemingly in violation [...]

I n 2007 William Paul Young published a novel called The Shack. To date more than 20 million English language copies have been sold. The book has been recommended by evangelicals and non-Christians. Defenders of The Shack such as Baptist evangelist Kent Hovind claim that "it's just a story" and ridicule those who try to [...]

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"Tell me about yourself," she asks. "I belong to Jesus Christ. That's the most important thing there is to know." S ome people seem instinctively to know how to make their way through the world. That's never been the case with me. I stumble. Yet through it all my longing has always been to understand [...]