Readers Studio 2012 and the Oracle of Visions

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What can Ciro Marchetti’s Oracle of Visions tell us about Readers Studio 2012?  Secrets will be revealed. A balancing will happen. The future of tarot is here.  Read on!

Ciro Marchetti & the Oracle of Visions

If we all had to do tarot in the same way, would it still be as exciting?  Would we even want that?

One of the things about reading with the Marseille Tarot in the US is that it puts you in a distinct category of oddballs.  So, if tarot is itself a little out of the mainstream, what do we call people who are outside of the mainstream of the mainstream? You may want to keep this in the back of your mind as you observe the growing energy pressing towards an international tarot consolidation.

Ciro Marchetti released the first copies of the Oracle of Visions at Readers Studio 2011.  Meeting Ciro in person was quite a pleasure.  Prior to RS11 we had interacted briefly on Aeclectic Forum, where he impressed me with his thoughtfulness and integrity. These qualities are clearly visible in the Oracle of Visions.

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