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The new site is just about ready to go. The transition will take place sometime within the next week or ten days.

If you follow via RSS

It looks as if the new platform as I understand it may break my RSS feed. If that happens and you currently follow the blog via RSS, you will no longer be notified of new posts.

Therefore you have two options to ensure you continue to get notifications of new posts.

1. Best option

Temporarily subscribe to email notifications.

You’ll get an email when the new site goes live, at which point you can restart your RSS and unsubscribe with one click from the email notifications.

Option 2 (still easy, but a little less convenient)

Keep checking to see if the website has changed. When it has, delete the old RSS and subscribe to the new feed.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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Alec Satin

Christian man waiting for the Lord's return. Wholeheartedly subscribes to the Augsburg Confession and Book of Concord. Appreciates craftsmanship and things done with care, especially God's workmanship in the animals of His creation. He's most of all grateful for Christ's love, which he finds increasingly hard to understand. Hopes with this site to encourage everyone to put their trust in Christ alone which is the only way to be reconciled with the one true God.

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